A non-runner’s review of the FlipBelt.



Last week I ordered and received my new FlipBelt from Amazon. The FlipBelt is made for runners to store their phone, keys, electrolyte gel, etc on their person while they run without looking like a fanny pack.

I’m not a runner. At all. Unless something is chasing me, trying to kill me. If you see me running, then you should probably run too.

Anyway, if it can store all those things, and is designed to be both comfortable and stylish, then it sounds perfect for my insulin pump! Plus, it was only $30 including shipping – definitely worth it to try it!


Basically, the FlipBelt is a long tube that is sewn mostly shut minus four little slots. You put it on, put your items in the slots, and flip the entire thing inside-out to lock your items inside/against your body. It’s made from a stretchy material, although it is a little thicker overall than I was expecting. It is not waterproof and does not have any “windows” to the inside. Both things weren’t a big deal for me, but may be for some. If so, there are other belts on the market that may be better suited for you (the Spibelt is one such belt).



The first day I wore it was on Sunday. I wore it to church under this loose chevron top. As you can tell, it is nearly invisible under my shirt, which was pretty exciting.


On Monday, I decided to try it as a belt over a dress (because I ordered mine a size too small, so it’s a little tight around the hips). No one at work noticed my pump bulge until I pointed it out to them.



Overall, I like the FlipBelt. I think it will be nice for when I won’t have pockets (like on a maxi skirt) and I don’t want to wear the belt clip.

It is also going to be AMAZING for photographing weddings! I will be able to carry my meter, test strips, lancing device, Smarties, AND my pump all on my person while I am chasing a bride. Honestly, I am STOKED.

The only thing I have a problem with is that when I’m half asleep and my pump is beeping at 3am, it’s almost impossible to fish it out of the FlipBelt. Other than that, I’m pretty happy with it!

(And I’m pretty sure it’s great for those who run, too.)

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