Narrowing the range

Recently, I began wearing my Enlites again.

I’ve been bad. I tried them for the first month or two I had my pump, but I just didn’t love it. The extra poke of inserting it was annoying, I didn’t have very good accuracy with it, and I have such limited real estate anyway that it just didn’t seem worth it. However now I’m back on the CGM grind, for a very specific reason.


On August 27th, my husband and I will be flying to Los Angeles for vacation.

We will be staying with our friend Frank and his family, of

They have two diabetic alert dogs, who alert to high and low blood sugars outside of a very specific, quite narrow range. A range that I was not working very hard to stay within.


In order to stay with Frank’s family and not be a horrendous inconvenience on their family and their two amazing dogs who already work hard enough for their own girl, I needed to step up and try to better manage my range.

Luckily, I can use the Medtronic software to see my averages. And on my first full week on the CGM trying to stay within my new range (85-175) I was in range 57% of the time!


Now to a normal person, that sounds absolutely terrible, but trust me when I say that to a type 1 diabetic, that is pretty great! Considering absolutely anything, everything, and nothing at all can cause your blood sugar to do unpredictable things, the tiniest bit of control is incredibly difficult. AND exhausting. I haven’t gotten a full night’s sleep since I started on the sensor again.

It’s hard, but it will be worth it for my health, and also to make things a little easier for my friends who are so graciously allowing us to spend our vacation with them. We are so excited! 50 more days!



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