Never be ashamed.

There has been a flurry of people stepping out and showing off their beautiful, successful lives with medical devices. Frankly, it’s nothing short of amazing.


Recently crowed Miss Idaho 2014 Sierra Sandison posted this photo on her facebook profile last night from the competition, with her insulin pump attached during the swimsuit portion of the contest. She wore her pump in a competition and won. It’s absolutely beautiful to see that she didn’t cave to the pressure to switch to MDI or go stretches of time disconnected just because she was on a public stage and it might not be considered “politically correct” or a “social norm”.


This comes shortly after Bethany Turner posted photos of herself with her colostomy bags due to Crohns Disease. The outpouring of love and support I’ve seen has been amazing. People have called her brave. I wish we didn’t have to say that. I wish that it was just normal, acceptable. But we’re on our way there.

image image

I’ve been in discussions on various Facebook groups about insulin pumps and hiding them. Some people I have talked to are ashamed of their pump and the attention and questions it draws. I hate that people feel that way. I choose to wear my pump loudly and proudly. Yes, it looks like a pager. Yes, it beeps and vibrates. But it keeps me alive and that is NOTHING to be ashamed of.


Wearing my pump in the open generates curiosity, of course. And sometimes, people do ask me about it. I then take that opportunity to inform them what, and why, and how. Knowledge is power.


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