The things we do to stay alive.

The past few days have been intensely frustrating. The minute you start to think you have this under control, diabetes throws a giant curve ball and you’re scrambling to keep up, to make sense of it all again.


I had another night of horrible low blood sugar numbers, after a full day of highs and with absolutely no rhyme or reason for either.


On Sunday, my CGM gave two lows during church that were false lows. I babied the sensor until yesterday, but it kept showing random, small, unexplainable drops and rises when I am normally steady. So I finally pulled it.


My husband helped me switch my sensor back to my arm, which is finally healing up after the fourth of July when it pulled out at the beach. Unfortunately I’m sensitive to the adhesive on the bottom of the sensor, so we cut as much of it away as possible before attaching the transmitter. I still end up sore but not nearly as bad when we do this. I’m also allergic to the adhesive Medtronic sends, so I have to buy Tegaderm and use that instead. It still causes irritation, but not as bad as the tape that comes with the Enlites.


This is from this morning. See all the crazy little rises and drops on the left side? Not at ALL typical for me. It’s the same thing the other sensor was doing. I’m starting to think I have a bad box.. I will have to call Medtronic tonight and attempt to troubleshoot and see if I have a bad batch or something. It’s frustrating when your supplies are so expensive and they give incorrect information. It’s even worse when you’re dealing with that on top of highs.

Just another day in diabetes land – trying to use what you’re given to stay alive and hoping it works.

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