Part of the reason I started this blog was to keep myself accountable. I set a goal range of 85-175 with the intention of staying within that range as much as humanly possible while still living a happy, healthy life.

Here are my sensor readings over the past 3 weeks.

0627-0703 0704-07100711-0717I knew it wouldn’t be pretty, especially the past week’s graph. And it isn’t that I’ve fallen off the bandwagon, just that diabetes has been extra difficult lately. Corrections that worked 2 weeks ago are no longer effective. I’ve been sleeping through my alert alarms, causing both extended highs and extended lows overnight. 

I have a lot to work on. But I’m still very happy with these readouts because it is still SO much better than this: 



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5 responses to “Accountability

  1. Most of your readings are in target range. That’s awesome!

  2. Accountability is a big reason why I blog. Well done, you!

  3. YOU. ROCK.
    Also: #dblogcheck

  4. Kaitlynn

    #dblogcheck !! Love keeping up with your blog! Very eye opening!!

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