Everyone needs someone

I’m a firm believer that living with type 1 diabetes would be a nearly impossible and miserable experience if I wasn’t lucky enough to have my husband by my side. (yes, this is going to be one of THOSE posts. Kind of.)

Allen and I had been married for just shy of two years when I was diagnosed. He was 21, I was 22. Nothing shakes you up quite like being told you have a condition that you did nothing to cause and there’s no cure for when you’ve been fairly healthy your entire life.

He could have ran, he could have chosen to be completely unsupportive, but he’s been my rock through this. From day one, he’s been conscious of my adjusted dietary needs. He runs to get me snacks when my sugar is low at 3am (and is even caring enough to carb count what he’s giving me, and even tries to give quick carbs first followed by more complex carbs and proteins to help keep my sugar up after a low). He helps me put sites and sensors in places that are difficult for me to reach (since I love to use the back of my arm for my CGM sensor). All without complaint.

And today, he let me check his blood sugar because he felt low. If you know my husband at all, then you know that he faints at the sight of his own blood and he swore I would NEVER be able to check his sugar. Of course, it was probably the first and last time, but the fact that he let me do it was so special to me. He really tries to understand what I’m experiencing.

For any serious illness, I think everyone needs someone. Be it a supportive parent, spouse or friend. I truly feel bad for anyone who doesn’t have someone like I do. I’ve read so many stories of diabetics whose spouses/loved ones make fun of them, or yell at them, or even just plain refuse to make an effort to learn anything about the illness or the care that goes into it. I can’t imagine living that way. I’ve been surrounded by nothing but support from diagnosis day forward from family, friends and even strangers. And most of all, I’m lucky to be married to my best friend and have him by my side through this.



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2 responses to “Everyone needs someone

  1. Jeni

    We raised a great kid! Loving and supportive. Someone to be proud of!

  2. This is awesome. Having an strong ally makes all the difference!

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