Good Day Vs Bad Day

What makes for a “Good Diabetes Day” and what makes for a “Bad Diabetes Day”? (Thanks Amanda Arce for the topic suggestion!)

Here is my sensor graph from July 29th, which was a Bad Diabetes Day


Here is my sensor graph from the next day, July 30th, a Good Diabetes Day


Let’s break it down.

On both days, I go over my High limit (175) more than once (4 times on the Bad Day and 2 times on the Good Day). The Average SG is 152 on the Bad Day and 148 on the Good Day, which isn’t too much of a difference. So what makes the top graph so much worse than the bottom one?

Look at how high and sharp the peaks and valleys are in the top graph. My blood sugar was moving down at more than 100 points in an hour from 1-2pm on the Bad Day, immediately after having gone up at almost the same rate right before. It’s called a yo-yo and fighting those is SO draining.

There was also three lows (hypos) on the Bad Day, and two of them were pretty severe. (That middle of the night one on the left part of the graph? Yeah, that was me sleeping through 3 hours of threshold suspend. Life saved by my pump/CGM once again!)

Sure, going high on the Good Day isn’t fun, but my highs weren’t nearly as severe and also weren’t immediately followed by lows. The entire day had more fluctuation than I’d ideally like, but it wasn’t too bad, whereas the day before it had been completely awful and one of those “I’d live to give up now” type of days. After I got home from work at 5pm that day I crashed and fell asleep (partially due to being exhausted, and partially because my sugar was dropping) and that’s when my sensor cut out until 6 when my husband got home and found me in the kitchen mumbling “low” and trying to eat. I can’t describe how miserable the Bad Day was and how… normal the Good Day felt in comparison.

So what caused the Bad Day to be so bad and the Good Day to be so much better? Well, a diabetic’s blood sugar can be affected by literally anything and nothing. It’s a joke in the DOC (Diabetic Online Community) that blood sugar is affected by anything, including what color socks you wore that day. 

I could literally eat the exact same thing at the exact same time for two days in a row and have completely different results each day. That’s why “control” is so difficult… sometimes diabetes just doesn’t. make. sense.

I hope this explains what makes up a good day compared to a bad day. If you have any topics you’d like clarification on or any questions, please leave me a comment and I’ll do my best to cover it!


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2 responses to “Good Day Vs Bad Day

  1. Thanks for sharing your story and always being so willing to educate people! I’ve known people with diabetes, but I’ve never really known what they go through.

  2. Jerry

    Thanks – I appreciate your post.

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