Lots of betic, not so much photogra

So, I realized that I’ve talked extensively on here lately about the diabetes part of Photograbetic, but not very much of the photography aspect.

I promise, we are still very much in business! We have been busy preparing for vacation and enjoying a little “us time” since things have slowed down.


We announced our narrowed focus for LeWayne Productions in May, electing to only take on weddings and high school seniors. It was a needed change for us, but of course we aren’t nearly as busy as we were.. Which has been awesome for us!
However, we will be busy snapping away like crazy in Los Angeles on vacation at the end of the month. Then in September, we have FOUR weddings all across the state. It will be insanely busy and so much fun.


So, there will be plenty of updates about that aspect (specifically how I like using the flipbelt on a wedding, which I am anxious to try in a real situation like that). Stay tuned and thanks for reading!


(can you spot the pump bump from this wedding we shot in June?)

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