Vacation Prep & a Little Frustration

I’ve been slacking in the blogging department! I have a couple unfinished posts hanging out in the wings, but we’ve been busy packing and preparing for vacation next week. I’ve had several photo sessions to wrap up on top of work, church, and plenty of other activities. I’m not complaining – it’s been exhausting but I wouldn’t have my life any other way!

One thing that has made the past two weeks incredibly difficult is that my CGM has suddenly become completely inaccurate. I had great luck and accuracy through June, July and the beginning of August, but recently it’s taken a nosedive.

Example: last night at bedtime I was 116 on my meter and 116 on my CGM. Calibrated and went to sleep. Woke up 4 hours later to a threshold suspend and a CGM reading of 53. I did a meter check and was actually 153. I figured, maybe I was sleeping on my CGM sensor, which can cause inaccuracies, so I rolled over and went back to sleep. An hour later, it is freaking out again, saying I was now at 40. I got frustrated and shut it off for the night.


This morning, I restarted it again and calibrated on a nice 137 at my most steady part of the day. By lunchtime, CGM was showing a spike to 190 and then it straight lined up there. However my meter test was 132. There was no way I was actually 190, and also no way I had dropped from 190 to 132 in the lag between meter and CGM. 

This has been the story of my life for the past 2 weeks. I’ve tried different CGM locations (I actually moved to the “approved” area of the body – the stomach – as opposed to my preferred area – my arm – to see if it would help). I’ve calibrated more, I’ve calibrated less, different times of day, etc. Nothing has helped.

Dearest readers, should I call the company and sit on hold for potentially an hour or more to try to talk to someone about my frustration, and have them take me through the same troubleshooting steps I’ve already been through and see if it helps at all, or should I just keep trying to make it work? I don’t have the money to pull a sensor prematurely and waste it since my insurance company STILL won’t call me back to pay my outstanding claims (so I’m STILL unable to get more supplies at this time). 

Be expecting happy updates from sunny Los Angeles next week! The adventure begins Tuesday evening.


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2 responses to “Vacation Prep & a Little Frustration

  1. This was very much my day to day experience while on the Medtronic CGM. I can’t speak for any other brands, but I’ve heard they’re not much better. I ended up ignoring it most of the time unless it beeped at me as a sign that maybe it was on to something – often it was not. I also remember that the trainer told me that I should not have each meter read calibrate the CGM, but should manually enter calibration readings. I realized soon that she was dead wrong and when I hooked up my meter to automatically calibrate the CGM, things got a bit better – though still never that great. I’d like to get back on a CGM at one point, though probably won’t got the Medtronic route next time.

  2. I can understand ur frustration!! I spent six months fighting and incredibly frustrated w my Medtronics Sof-Sensor. And then I spent 6 months on the new Enlite 530G system and it was even worse. My husband and I were repeatedly woken up an average of 6 times EVERY night w the CGM saying I was very low and once I tested, I discovered I was actually in range!! This happened multiple times every night. I spent many hours trouble shooting with Medtronics and relearning with a trainer how to correctly calibrate. And, I’m an RN who prides myself with the fact that I am very good with learning new medical equipment which is usually hospital grade stuff. How could I be having such difficulty with my CGM!!!!

    Finally when my warranty expired for my Medtronics CGM, I called my Medical insurance to check if they would cover my switching to the Dexcom Platinum G4 system. To my unbelievable surprise, they said yes!!!! Keep in mind that to originally get approval for my Medtronics CGM both systems, I had to appeal my insurances’ repeated denials before I finally got it approved. So, I expected nothing less when trying to switch to Dexcom. So, as U can imagine, I was elated.

    Now, I have been on the Dexcom Platinum G4 CGM system for a year with EXCELLENT SUCCESS & I just upgraded to the Dexcom Platinum G5 Mobile system and I am equally as happy with the new system as I was with the old. In my experience the accuracy of the Dexcom CGM as compared to either of the Medtronics CGMs doesn’t even compare. In 2 years experience with my Dexcom CGM products, I have NEVER been woken up with an inaccurate low alarm. When I am alerted in the middle of the night, I double check my bg with my meter and my Dexcom and meter as usually within 20 points of one another.

    So, what I guess I’m trying to say is, if u r still having issues with ur Medtronics CGMS, give Dexcom a try!!! SInce switching to my Dex, I have NOT taken a cgm break ever!!! My experience with my Dexcom’s accuraxy has been amazing & I can’t imagine going even just one day without that valuable information. I was always taking breaks from my Medtronics CGMS.

    Sorry!! Didn’t mean to be so lengthy but I’m so happy with Dexcom, I want to tell every T1D I know who’s interested in getting CGM that from my experience, Dexcom is an excellent and extremely accurate CGMS. I want everyone to have the positive CGM experience that I’ve had. Just a thought!!
    (BTW, I still have and LOVE my Medtronic’s 530G pump just use it with my Dex.)

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