Vacation Day… Zero? – Crazy storms, an old friend, and deep dish pizza.


Our vacation has begun!

We dropped Taz off with my dad last night – Taz is our chihuahua / dog-child. This is the first time we’ve been away from him for an extended amount of time, and I’m pretty sure he’s handling it better than I am.


Saying goodbye to my baby boy.


My dad uploaded this photo an hour later… obviously, Taz doesn’t miss us at all!

I was able to take the entire day off today, unexpectedly, because I ran out of work to do. So, Allen went into work for 2 hours while I packed, checked the fluids in the car, went to the bank, etc.

Then we set out. We hit a good rainstorm on the I80/90 toll road but it wasn’t anything crazy. Then as we were getting close to Chicago and in crazy traffic, this happened:


Terrifying. To me, anyway. It poured so hard that we could hardly see anything in front of us. Luckily, we got through it, and made it to our destination: Corner Market Cafe in Hinsdale, Illinois. This is where we met up with my friend Adrienne!


Notice my insulin pump made an appearance! 😉

Adrienne and I haven’t seen each other in almost 6 years. Far too long, obviously! When I realized we were going to be able to get to the Chicagoland area earlier than planned, I immediately texted her and we made meeting up happen! Adrienne is awesome – she’s a certified music therapist (she was running late because she received the call that she got her dream job!!), she is competing to become Miss Illinois in October, and she has been editing my novel-in-progress for several months and giving AMAZING feedback! She has an aunt with Type 1 Diabetes and also dated a guy with T1D as well, so her understanding of what I face is so awesome!


Now, Allen and I are at the hotel near the airport, relaxing with some amazing deep dish pizza – because duh, this is Chicago! What else could we possibly eat here!? – before our flight early tomorrow morning.

I’m nervous, but I know we’ll be fine!

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