The Vacation Post, Part Two

For Part One, click here.

So far I’ve covered all the events that happened up to Friday night. I did this on purpose because Saturday was it’s own adventure.


My blood sugar had been pretty decent for the trip up to Friday. I had dealt with one bad high while we were at the Walk of Fame, but I was back within range by the time we got back to the house. I had been waking up to false lows from my CGM, saying I was 40-60 when I was actually 80-100.

I was kind of bummed because the dogs hadn’t alerted because of me (because they hadn’t needed to!) It sounds so selfish and silly, but I was really looking forward to seeing them in action, and although they had alerted a few times for Stella, they hadn’t for me. Saturday morning rolled around, and Frank took Allen and I to the car rental place to drop our car off. And this happened…

Major had been sitting in the car across the parking lot from me, with the door open. He had been acting like he wanted out, but Frank told him to stay. Of course, he did, but he started whining which usually means something’s up. The minute he got out of the car, he bowed to let Frank know that my blood sugar was low. I tested and I was 69! Good low Major!!!

And thus began a day of insanity!

Frank took Allen, Major and I to downtown LA. Frank is an INCREDIBLE photographer who prefers to photograph diabetic kids and their life-saving service dogs over anything else (who could blame him?). It was almost 100 degrees the entire day, but we trekked all over downtown LA. We saw Olvera Street, the Ahmanson, the Disney Concert Hall, and Union Station among other things. He even took a few photos of us, and some great shots of Major as well.

Some of my photos:

LWP_8195 LWP_8215 LWP_8208LWP_8286 

Some of the beautiful photos Frank took of us! (©FrankWisePhotography)

frankwise-1 frankwise-3 frankwise-5

Through all of our several hours in DTLA, I couldn’t get my blood sugar above 110, even with two Gatorades, a protein bar, half a Red Bull and multiple sips of my husband’s Vanilla Coke. But Major was on top of it, alerting and keeping me safe every time I dropped too low. Major doesn’t alert for just anyone, though. He has his “people” and he only has a select few. But he kept an eye out for me – in the crowds, in the heat, in the exhaustion.

Oh, and did I mention that Major, Raven (their other alert dog who didn’t go with us) and Frank all ran 7 miles earlier that morning? Yeah, they’re pretty incredible!


We had lunch at a place called Philippes which is famous for it’s French-dipped sandwiches and it was delicious! We all enjoyed relaxing for a little bit (especially Major!) before we headed out.


 (Photo from Frank’s Instagram)

We got out of downtown, partially because there was still so much to see and do, and partially because it was starting to get busy. Jay-Z was in town and several blocks of downtown were shut down for his “Made in America” tour. Frank took us on a drive through Beverly Hills, and then down Rodeo Drive.LWP_8288

Then we headed up to Montrose to meet up with Dorrie. She’s the awesome mom behind Saving Luke – Luke and Jedi on Facebook, which is where I first discovered the Diabetic Alert Dog world. We hung out at her house and talked with her and her husband Kevin for a while, met Luke who is even more adorable in person, and of course enjoyed the company of their dogs. Then Frank, Allen, Dorrie, Major and I went to dinner at a place called Basin 141 where I had the most delicious Shrimp and Avocado Wrap… yum!

It was wonderful to sit with Frank and Dorrie and share stories, tips, tricks, and advice with them. Between the three of us, we have 9 years of diabetes experience, so we had quite a bit to share! (Plus we got to collaboratively guesstimate the carbs in my dinner!) 


When we were dropping Dorrie off, I asked if I could get this picture with her. We all began to get out of the car and had our doors open for barely a moment, and Major immediately tried to jump out of the car, which is very unlike him. When Frank let him out, he alerted to a high. I tested at 119. Dorrie went inside the house and found Luke sitting at 300. Just another example of how amazing diabetic alert dogs are!

We left Dorrie’s house and started to head toward a place called The Observatory, which gives a beautiful view of the entire valley. The sun was quickly setting, so we were going to have a spectacular view of the lights. Unfortunately, we got near the Observatory and were stuck in insane traffic. Apparently there was a concert of some kind happening at the observatory, so we were unable to get up there. Since we all had to get up so early to head to the airport the next morning, we turned and headed home, satisfied with the day and all we had experienced.

 LWP_8272LWP_8293 DSC_8845LWP_8298

 (Photos below ©FrankWisePhotography)

frankwise-4 frankwise-6frankwise-2

The next morning, Frank took us to the airport insanely early. We said our goodbyes, boarded the plane and headed back to the Midwest. And now? Now I can’t wait to go back. There’s so much I didn’t get to do or see, and so many more people I’d like to meet. California is SO different from Michigan and I loved being there.

Now, my blood sugar for the week… I had a few erroneous lows, and one high that shows on my graph much longer than it actually was. However I think my average is fairly accurate…


Yep, an average of 127 for the four days!! I am SO thrilled! All the walking around kept my blood sugars pretty reasonable. It was fantastic.

So to wrap this up… Thank you again to Frank and his family for allowing us into your home for our little adventure – for picking us up and dropping us off, for giving up your Saturday and taking us all over Los Angeles, for giving advice on when to hit the interstate and how to get where we wanted to go, for recording @midnight for us so we could see ourselves on TV, for all the photography advice and even the teasing us for shooting Nikon, for letting me trade my crappy low-carb Gatorades for smarties for the plane ride home, and for everything else I’m forgetting. Your generosity touched us and you know you are welcome in Michigan ANYTIME.

And now, back to reality…

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