Flipbelt in Action

We shot a wedding this weekend about three hours from home for a friend from high school. 


I used my Flipbelt for the first time on a photoshoot (Previously I would just wear a skirt/shirt combo and clip it to my skirt). This enabled me to wear a dress!!! Woo! The bride and groom know I’m diabetic, and when I showed the bride my pump in my belt, she exclaimed “I thought that was just a cute sash! I had no idea your pump was in it!”


With the belt I was able to carry my pump and four rolls of Smarties in the front, and my cell phone in the back. Unfortunately my phone (a Galaxy S3) is a little too big for the belt, so it BARELY fit and I couldn’t get it out when I needed it. I did order a Pebble watch this weekend which will be amazing for situations like this, because I will be able to view incoming texts, etc from my husband on my watch and not have to worry about digging out my phone in the middle of a wedding. (It’s nice because then if he needs me to meet up with him to get a shot or switch lenses, I’ll be able to see the message and go). That is my only real complaint about the belt, the fact that my phone doesn’t fit well in it.


I started the day off higher than normal, and breakfast sent me even higher. However by the time we arrived at the wedding, I was edging lower and lower, and had to have two rolls of Smarties before the ceremony began. My sugar behaved for the rest of the wedding, and then was ridiculously high the rest of the day. Go figure!


Overall it was a great day and I will probably use the belt again for another wedding this weekend.




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