A Little Less Alone

I love meeting other type 1 diabetics in person. Growing up, I only knew of a couple kids in my school who had T1, and I wasn’t friends with most of them. One I was, but all I knew is that his pancreas sucked (because he had a t-shirt that said it) and sometimes he’d have to take a break from playing tuba to eat something. Even now, I know only a handful of T1’s in my city and rarely see or talk to any of them.

So when I have the opportunity to meet another T1, I’ll do almost anything to make it happen.


This is Jade. She’s had T1 for 13 years, having been diagnosed several years after her brother was. Yet she’s a DJ for WRIF out of Detroit, on top of being a wedding DJ on the side.

Of all places, we met on Twitter through the #ShowMeYourPump hashtag. I was scrolling through photos and found a photo Jade had posted, and noticed she was from Michigan. We began tweeting and became instant friends.

With having 4 weddings in September, Jade and I knew we needed to try to meet up, since I wasn’t sure when I’d be back on her side of the state again. (We live three hours apart). Our first attempt didn’t work out, but the next weekend, we succeeded and she and her boyfriend were able to meet up with Allen and I at the 501 Grille and Bar in downtown Flint. (And we’re already making plans for more meet-ups – Red Wings game, anyone?)


This is why the DOC is so awesome – being able to connect with people who understand what you’re experiencing and can share tips, tricks, advice, and even the “I have totally been there” moments.. it’s amazing. It makes you feel not-so alone. And that is more important than I could ever explain on here.

Thanks again for meeting up with me, Jade! Be sure to check out Jade’s blog as well!


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