Today the Diabetic Online Community and the Food and Drug Administration came together and had open discussions about diabetes care, daily life, struggles, shortfalls, and hope.


Why is this a big deal worth blogging about?

Because this meeting is unprecedented. The FDA has always been viewed by many as a cumbersome, slow-moving, necessary evil of diabetic life. The fact that the FDA was so willing and open to meeting with key members of the diabetic community is incredible.

I was at work while the meeting happened, but it was live streamed on the fda.gov website, and much of the DOC participated with commentary, live tweeting and other conversation on the #DOCasksFDA hashtag on Twitter. I myself livetweeted the event from work until the DOC actually crashed the live stream website from so many people tuning in.


This meeting showed the DOC who the FDA are, and that they’re willing to listen to our concerns and thoughts and desires. And it showed the FDA who we are, and what a great community we are, among other things.


I am excited to see where things go from here. The FDA mentioned future meetings, and also mentioned approvals in the works (artificial pancreas has passed first round testing!). It’s an exciting time to be a diabetic. (I bet NO ONE has ever said that before!!)

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