World Diabetes Day 2014

Today is World Diabetes Day. It is the one day of the year that has been internationally recognized as the diabetes awareness day. All day, my social media accounts have been bombarded with awareness efforts, and it is truly amazing to watch the community come together over something so important.

I issued a call to action on my Facebook page, urging my friends and family to wear blue (the officially recognized color) in support of the diabetics in their life, and take a photo of it. The response has been so touching.


My coworkers Katie, Melissa (hiding), and Lona!


Jojo, his siblings, and his diabetic alert dog!


My Godmother Annita, who is undergoing her own brave fight against Multiple Sclerosis.


My lovely friend Elizabeth, all the way from California!


My beautiful friend Adrienne from Chicago!


And of course, my husband repping the JDRF shirt!

I’m surrounded by incredible people and it amazes me every day. Thank you to everyone who continues to support me and all other diabetics out there.

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