#DBlogWeek: In case of emergency

Today’s #DBlogWeek theme is Cleaning Out.

I’m a self-professed hoarder of memories and moments. Anything I have personal attachment to, I keep. But I’m also a hoarder of diabetes supplies, and not because I have a sentimental attachment to them, but because I have an attachment to my health. 

I’ve written before about my battles with insurance, and they are currently in full swing again. If I never had to hear the words “contracted provider” or “tier one” ever again, it would still be far too soon.

I’ve had to reach out online and ask for donations or trades of necessary, live saving supplies, when my insurance has refused to pay my claims and my supply company was forced to stop sending me supplies until my account balance was resolved. It’s humiliating, degrading and terrifying. And yet, legal for them to cut me off.

(Yet it is apparently illegal for me to trade or receive donated prescriptions – which includes pump supplies and insulin. Yes, I’m serious.)

So, I hoard my pump supplies. And I have no intention of ever NOT doing so.

(Actually, wait, if I’m cured, then I’ll happily burn them all and toast marshmallows over the pile. But until then, I’m hoarding.)

However I’m not posting a photo of my hoard in case my insurance company stalks my blog. Ha! Now you can’t incriminate me and cut me off. So here’s a photo of my dog dressed up like a shark instead.

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