When Technology Fails

Last week, I was able to see my all-time favorite band play live, and I also got to meet them!

Mae’s music changed my life. Their lyrics and melodies have brought me so much comfort in bad times and joy in good times. It was absolutely amazing to be able to meet the guys behind the music that has so heavily impacted the last 10 years of my life.

In order to do the meet and greet, we had to arrive at the venue at 6pm (we stayed in town the night before since the show was in Chicago). After that, we stood in front of the stage for almost an hour and a half before the first opening band started at 8:30.

I was wearing a 7 day old CGM sensor because I had been having good results with it, and had decided to use Nightscout during the show since I knew I wouldn’t be able to feel any highs or lows. (I have a full MMCommander / Nightscout / CGM in the Cloud post coming soon, I promise!) however right after the meet and greet, my CGM showed I was low so I suspended. And I stayed suspended for almost an hour before I finally finger sticked and found out I was actually 212. Fail! I tried to recalibrate it and the sensor just completely epically gave up. Plus I was having major connectivity issues with my rig because my uploader is a WiFi uploader, so I was having to use my iPhone as a WiFi hotspot for my uploader to push to the Internet. It was not an ideal scenario to say the least.

I gave up and decided to make the scary decision of turning off my CGM and flying blind while standing front row at a rock concert.

Luckily, I had made several new friends in the VIP line and they were all concerned that I was okay. So they made sure I checked my blood sugar between each set. And I watched myself go from 212 at the beginning of Mike Mains and the Branches, to 197 right before All Get Out, to 178 right before Mae, to 148 in the middle of Mae’s show.

Yes, I checked my blood sugar while standing front row at a rock concert.

I ended up having one of the most amazing nights of my entire life. I was on my feet from 6 pm until almost 1:30am and sang along so loudly to every word of my favorite album by my favorite band that I was starting to lose my voice. And although diabetes was still there and tried to be a total jerk, I still had an absolutely amazing time. Take that, diabetes!

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