It’s spooky. It’s weird. It’s gross. It’s the Frankensensor!


I inserted this Dexcom sensor the day before I shot a wedding. According to my calendar, that means it was inserted on September 18th.

Dexcom sensors are only supposed to last for 7 days (according to the FDA, anyway). Many people are often able to get up to 21 days out of one sensor.

As I write this post I’m on day 40, also known as 2 days shy of 7 full weeks, and that’s crazy.

Like any good science experiment, it hasn’t been all smooth sailing. The sensor died on day 38.

I was getting ready to pull it once I got the dreaded ??? But feeling a little adventurous, I decided to try to restart it, just to see if it would work. 2 long hours later, I had successfully resurrected it from the dead. It was alive!

It itches SO badly (you try having something stuck to your skin for 40 days!), it looks awful (I’ve been changing the tape weekly) and it probably smells. But it’s been quite accurate. And if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it, am I right?

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