“Use Me On Medical Supplies!”

My insurance changed July 1. I changed to a HSA account, after weighing it out against the other traditional plan my company offered and determined the HSA would be cheaper in the long run. And when I submitted the request for my first new order on this insurance to my medical supply company, this is what I got back:

90 supply of sensors is $1215.48

g4 transmitter is $571.20

90 days of pump supplies is $433.80

12 boxes of  test strips is $284.04


Grand total is $2504.52 but you have a $2000 deductible so the charge will be $2000. Since you’re meeting your deductible, you have a 0% coinsurance, so your next order will be no cost to you.

Yes, I met my deductible 18 days into my new insurance plan year, on my very first order for the year. And I’ll have to meet it again in January. Because I definitely have $2000 just sitting around in an account screaming “Use me on medical supplies!” 

Sadly, those of us with chronic conditions look at insurance plans and think, “How quickly can I meet this deductible?” Because usually, the question isn’t IF we’ll hit it, but rather WHEN. 

Oh, and the kicker: the medical supply company screwed up the calculations at first and were going to charge me $1300 but it kept declining. Turns out my HSA card only lets me spend $1000 max per transaction. Because that makes a lot of sense. 


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4 responses to ““Use Me On Medical Supplies!”

  1. Ash

    Wow that’s alot of money!!! Gosh I’m glad we dont deal with insurance here…but it is cool that it covers your sensors.

  2. Jessic

    My dad meets his deductible with his first prescription each plan year as well. He has Crohn’s. Chronic conditions suck. Insurance sucks.

  3. Sorry ur insurance had to change, esp if u had a better policy before. But hopefully this will work out better in the long run. My insurance company just sent me a letter stating I have to change from using my pump to going back to MDI with the cheaper to use pens!!! Not gonna happen, so I have a major battle with my insurance co come October!! Why do they do this to those of us with any type od chronic illness!!??? Is it just because they can????

    Hang in there, kid!!! HUGS!!!

  4. zenka9

    Really makes me appreciate the NHS in the UK 😦

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