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013. Pumpkin Run.. Minus the Pumpkin and the Run

A few weeks ago, my coworker Lona tagged me on a post on Facebook for a virtual run. Unfortunately, Lona is injured and can’t run right now, but my friend Amanda saw the post and asked me if I wanted to do the run with her. Of course, I said yes!

She and her son Vallen came down to my neck of the woods and we set out to do our 3.1 miles. We ran for about .25 miles of it and then walked and chatted the rest of the way.

It was long and slow, but the weather was perfect tonight in the park, and the conversation was even better. I think this is my favorite part about running – It connects people, or in my case, reconnects.

I also love the swag! My jacket shipped today and we’ll receive the medal in November.

If you want to do this run virtually, you can still sign up here.

Thanks Amanda and Vallen for doing this with me so I can check off another 5K for the year!

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GT Legends

Softball season is officially done for me. I have to miss our final game of the season next week because I will be in North Carolina photographing a wedding so tonight was it. Of course, what last game would it be without it being our double-double? We played 4 games in one evening and I’m exhausted!

My husband took photos at several of the games, and I’m so thankful. It is awesome to be able to have these memories. Plus, I had a blast and although we never won a game, I still made some killer plays and played my heart out! I even exceeded my goal – I only wanted to make it all the way home once, and I managed to do it twice in the same game tonight!

At times it was very hard to manage my diabetes while playing. I noticed right away that the adrenaline sends me sky high during a game. I had to wear my pump, Dexcom receiver, Pebble watch and iPhone on me at all times because if I left my dex or phone in the dugout, the Bluetooth would go out of range. If I gave myself an insulin correction for the high, it wouldn’t budge and I’d end up low in the middle of the night while sleeping.

However, I proved to myself (and everyone else!) that I can still play a sport even with diabetes.


Plus, our team BY FAR had the most fun of all the other teams this season. That’s a win in my book.

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Softball and Diabetes

We’ve played 3 softball games so far (well, technically 6, because every day we play is a double header). Every single game, we’ve been mercied. But! I’m having a blast. 

I got hit 3 times in the same spot on my leg in practice one of the first weeks, and it never bruised.. until a week later, when I suddenly had a dark, ugly settling of blood in my foot. It was super weird and took forever to heal (as do all injuries – thanks for that one, diabetes!)

Using my Pebble to watch my blood sugar as mentioned in my previous post has worked very well. However I ran into an unforeseen issue: Tegaderm wasn’t cutting it. We’re having an unusually hot late summer/early fall (it was 83 degrees at the start of tonight’s game!) and I was getting sweaty and gross, and the tape wasn’t staying on. It didn’t help that I was on an old sensor as well, so when I finally pulled it, my skin was a wreck. 

Fortunately, my friend Frank recommended Vetwrap in place of Tegaderm and so far, so good. It confuses people because they wonder why I have a cast on my upper arm (lol!) but otherwise it works great for at softball. I hate how it feels after a shower and it likes to migrate around my arm a little, but it’s a decent trade off. 

The only other major hiccup in softball so far is that I go SKY HIGH while playing. Even though it’s hot and I’m running my butt off for two hours straight, I have consistently hit and stayed at 280-300 for every game. Adrenaline, you suck!

Overall it’s been a great experience. My teammates are all super supportive and when I’m looking ragged, they ask how my sugar is and ask if I need a snack or a break. Nobody makes fun of me or says anything at all about me wearing my flip belt on the field stuffed with my pump, Dexcom, phone, and several rolls of smarties. I’m glad I get to participate – and apparently, I’m halfway decent! 

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Flipbelt in Action

We shot a wedding this weekend about three hours from home for a friend from high school. 


I used my Flipbelt for the first time on a photoshoot (Previously I would just wear a skirt/shirt combo and clip it to my skirt). This enabled me to wear a dress!!! Woo! The bride and groom know I’m diabetic, and when I showed the bride my pump in my belt, she exclaimed “I thought that was just a cute sash! I had no idea your pump was in it!”


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The Thought Process for One Meal

The scenario:
You’re at a family cookout. You arrived at 11:30am because cooking started at 11. You hadn’t eaten prior to arriving. It is currently 4pm and you still haven’t eaten any more than a handful of chips to keep your sugar in range, so you’re famished. But it’s finally time to eat.
For fun, you don’t have access to ANY nutrition labels so you have to operate based off prior knowledge and educated guessing.

The selection:
Hot dogs
Buns for burgers and dogs
Roasted chicken
Small veggie tray
Potato salad
Pasta salad
Grape salad
Potato chips
Devilled eggs
And some amazing mystery cake that has frosting and drizzled caramel and pieces of candy bars sprinkled on top

Blood sugar prior to meal: 124

So what’s the plan?

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