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A Call to Action

Every day, I see people with diabetes and their loved ones doing amazing and inspiring things. Often I want to post about them here, but there are just so many it would be overwhelming. However, this one I need to share…


This is Luke and his diabetic alert dog, Jedi. I had the pleasure of meeting Luke, Jedi, and Luke’s family while we were on vacation in California. (and Jedi even alerted on me while I was there!) Their Facebook page is how I found out about the world of diabetic alert dogs, how I met their friends including Frank and his family whom we stayed with in California.

Their Facebook pages showed me a different side of diabetes – the side of parents who are doing their best to be pancreases for their kids, and doing so with grace and poise and a little kick-butt attitude. My personal friendships with Frank and Luke’s mom, Dorrie, have brought me so much knowledge, support, confidence, and love. I’m indebted to them forever.


Luke’s family is attempting to fund a documentary that will show the ins and outs if life with Type 1 Diabetes – the good, the bad, the ugly, and overall the honest truth. This documentary would be available for free and able to be shared with everyone.

They want this documentary to change the stigma around type 1 diabetes. And I want to help them make that happen.

Please, if someone you love has diabetes, consider donating to the kickstarter fund to make this documentary a reality. It will change lives – I guarantee it.

Click here to donate.

Thank you. And now, back to your regularly scheduled programming.

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