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My pump saved my life last night

(technically, the combination of my pump + CGM saved my life, but that isn’t as good of a title, now is it?)

I had been battling highs throughout the day yesterday. It was a bad diabetes day, and I was frustrated. We were having orange chicken and rice for dinner, and I knew that I was going to be fighting high blood sugar for the entire night because of it.

After dinner, my sugar barely popped over my 175 limit. And came right back down. And stayed down, even 4-5 hours later (usually I have a residual spike later after most of the insulin has worked its way through me). When it was 11pm and I was about to head to bed, my sugar was drifting into the low 80’s. Normally my sugar rises at that time of night, so I was pleasantly surprised. I grabbed a juice out of the fridge, chugged it down, and went to sleep, believing that tonight like every other night, I’d be just fine.

I don’t know if it was me or my husband who woke up first, but at 3am, my pump was emitting a horrendous sound. In my half-asleep delirium, I read the screen and reread it and read it one more time before I finally realized that it was suspended.

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