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Food food food

I’ve been trying to eat healthier for the past week or so. I started telecommuting (working from home) last week, and after day 2 I realized that the temptation to get something to snack on from the fridge every hour was going to be detrimental. So I started filling the house with healthy snacks. 

I have many friends who are beachbody coaches, or have done competitive body building, or follow IIFYM, or are just legit amazing people who are all on a journey to better themselves. I want to be like that too, so that’s another aspect of my drive to eat healthier. 

My husband, who is the pickiest eater on the planet, decided he wants to try eating better as well. I’ve been making healthier meals, and even bought the ingredients for protein and fruit-packed smoothies and have been having one every weekday morning. 

Of course, it’s been wreaking havoc on my blood sugar numbers, because my body is used to taking in so much junk and much higher amounts of carbs! (Plus I am move physically active now that I started softball – there will be a post on that later). 

Overall I’m feeling more energetic and I’m hoping that I might see a few pounds come off between eating healthier and being more active, but we’ll see. For now the biggest struggles will be finding recipes that both Allen and I will eat (the fajitas were full of compromise lol) and just to not fall off the wagon! The most important thing for me to remember is small compromises are okay – like having a diet pop once in a while (rather than 2x a day, or going cold turkey on them entirely). 

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The Thought Process for One Meal

The scenario:
You’re at a family cookout. You arrived at 11:30am because cooking started at 11. You hadn’t eaten prior to arriving. It is currently 4pm and you still haven’t eaten any more than a handful of chips to keep your sugar in range, so you’re famished. But it’s finally time to eat.
For fun, you don’t have access to ANY nutrition labels so you have to operate based off prior knowledge and educated guessing.

The selection:
Hot dogs
Buns for burgers and dogs
Roasted chicken
Small veggie tray
Potato salad
Pasta salad
Grape salad
Potato chips
Devilled eggs
And some amazing mystery cake that has frosting and drizzled caramel and pieces of candy bars sprinkled on top

Blood sugar prior to meal: 124

So what’s the plan?

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