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The Thought Process for One Meal

The scenario:
You’re at a family cookout. You arrived at 11:30am because cooking started at 11. You hadn’t eaten prior to arriving. It is currently 4pm and you still haven’t eaten any more than a handful of chips to keep your sugar in range, so you’re famished. But it’s finally time to eat.
For fun, you don’t have access to ANY nutrition labels so you have to operate based off prior knowledge and educated guessing.

The selection:
Hot dogs
Buns for burgers and dogs
Roasted chicken
Small veggie tray
Potato salad
Pasta salad
Grape salad
Potato chips
Devilled eggs
And some amazing mystery cake that has frosting and drizzled caramel and pieces of candy bars sprinkled on top

Blood sugar prior to meal: 124

So what’s the plan?

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