Here’s the fun jargon that I need to post so I don’t get sued!

I’m not a doctor. Not even close. I didn’t even know what the pancreas did until I was diagnosed in 2012. So, don’t use my blog as medical advice. Seriously, your endocrinologist went through a lot of schooling to get paid the big bucks to help people like you. I did not (although I’m always accepting donations of Big Bucks!).

To contact me, please email me using the form below, or email me directly at photograbetic@gmail.com.


2 responses to “Disclaimer

  1. Erin Baldauf

    Hi Abby. I think your blog is great and I love what you’re doing! I’m in the process of putting a book together with a collection of stories geared towards moms with newly dx T1 infants and toddlers. I wanted to just share a few of your words regarding what went wrong with Kycie. I just wanted to run the passage by you and see if you were ok with me including it in the book. I’d be happy to email you the planned passage if you’d like to look it over.

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