Why California?


I’ve been getting asked this question a lot lately. We live in Michigan, so California is pretty far away from here. So here’s a little back story..


I met Frank online through the Facebook fan page he runs about his type 1 diabetic daughter, Stella, and their two diabetic alert dogs. I actually found Frank’s page through the page his friend Dorrie runs for her son Luke and his diabetic alert dog, Jedi. I became friends with both of them, and they’ve been insanely wonderful to me and so helpful with all of my random diabetes-related questions. They aren’t diabetic, but their kids are, and I’ve gleaned some valuable insight from both of them.


Around the same time the above conversation happened, it was freezing cold in Michigan. Remember the Polar Vortex? Yeah, -40 F windchills here. I began secretly putting back money for a summer vacation for my husband and I, with no destination in mind other than wanting to go someplace warm.

By May, I had saved up enough money to tell my husband, Allen, about it. We began thinking of places we wanted to go. I mentioned Alaska, since one of my best friends, Alli, is living there while her husband is on deployment in Afghanistan. I had been there the year before when Alli and Gauge got engaged and loved it.




Allen mentioned Mackinac City, about six hours away. We decided we wanted to go somewhere a little too far to drive, but Alaska was too expensive for our budget, as hard as we tried to make it work.

My mind jumped back to my conversations with Frank and Dorrie. California would be amazing. It was worth at least asking to see if he was serious. So, I did.


The plan was in motion. And now we’re only a little over a month away from our California adventure. And I can’t wait!

So why California?
1. Once in a lifetime opportunity. We’re young, no kids, it’s the perfect time to get up and go somewhere on an adventure.
2. To be part of a new lifestyle. We will be staying with Frank and his family, including their two diabetic alert dogs. I will get to see and experience everything that goes along with service dog life. Do I want an alert dog of my own? Not right now, but maybe someday. What I learn now will be so valuable. Plus, just being part of a family affected by type 1, even for just a few days, will be wonderful.


3. To see the left coast / big city life. We’ve lived (almost) our entire lives in this small town. We’ve each seen bits and pieces of the outside world, but this is one we haven’t experienced.


I mean, come on, it’s California. Surf, sunshine, celebrities. Enough said. ☺

There’s also a few other little motivators, like the opportunities to see the sights, the fact that Frank is also a photographer, hopefully getting to also meet Dorrie, Luke and Jedi, and others, that made it a great choice for us for our first major trip as a married couple.



We can’t wait to meet you all! And we can’t wait for Cali.

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