Photo Swap

Facebook has been a wonderful way to meet people in different communities – I’ve met a ton of people through the DOC (Diabetic Online Community) through various Facebook groups, but I’ve also made connections with numerous photographers as well. Most of the photographers are very far away from me, however I met a lady named Sarah who lives only an hour and a half away from me.


Just recently, we were able to meet up (finally!) for a trade session – we took photos of Sarah and her husband, Chris, and she took photos of Allen and I.

LWP_6258 LWP_6320 LWP_6276

Best. Idea. Ever! I’ve only seen a couple of the pictures so far, but I’m in love!

11069652_10204242099633385_1364570470_o 11262982_10204242099553383_254698685_o 

Of course, my pump made an appearance in several photos. I don’t make an effort to hide it, because it is part of who I am. I don’t see the point in hiding it.

I had such a blast with Sarah and Chris! And it was nice to get some gorgeous photos of us, since we haven’t really had any taken of us since our wedding almost five years ago!

11327849_10204242110433655_870769394_o 11219505_972702679437109_8746585259584597427_o

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